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2009 NFL Draft at Rumblings: Pre-Draft Open Thread

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Welcome to Buffalo Rumblings' coverage of the 2009 NFL Draft!

Happy Draft Day, Rumblers!  We are now four short hours away from the first pick being made in the 2009 NFL Draft.  On perhaps the best NFL weekend of the year outside of the Super Bowl and opening weekend, we appreciate you stopping by Buffalo Rumblings for all of your Buffalo Bills news and analysis in regards to this weekend's festivities.

This is an open thread.  We've had a lot of newcomers over the past two weeks (welcome!), so for anyone unaware, an "open thread" is essentially a live chat where all topics are covered.  We've got four hours to kill in this one until the draft starts, and these things lag after a while, so please avoid putting images into the comments section for today.  Otherwise, keep it civil, don't break the rules, and have at it.

The 'z' key is your friend.  Put your mouse down, friends.  If you're logged into your SB Nation account and in the comments section, simply press 'Z' on your keyboard to find new comments.  If there's one you want to reply to, press 'R'.  These tech features will save your wrists from carpal tunnel for at least another day or two, so put 'em to use.

What to expect coverage-wise.  First thing's first - if you're looking for some reading material to kill these four hours, check out our Archives - we've been studying for this draft for four months now.  You may or may not find some quality entertainment there to pass the time.

In terms of this weekend, this open thread kicks off the festivities.  We will create new open threads as necessary, and we will have instant new threads each time the Bills make a selection (or a trade, or anything else newsworthy).  Each thread will act as a pseudo-open thread, so expect the next two days to be the equivalent of one long live chat.  Bring snacks, and Google some sort of finger-stretching exercise.

Again, we thank you for choosing Buffalo Rumblings as your one-stop-shop for Buffalo Bills news and live-blogging on NFL Draft weekend.  This should be a good one, folks!