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Bills select Oregon DB Jairus Byrd at No. 42

With their third pick, No. 42 overall in the second round, the Buffalo Bills have selected Oregon CB Jairus Byrd.

We won't pretend we expected this pick. We were certain that the Bills would take a defensive back at some point in this draft with eight defensive backs approaching the close of their contracts in the next two years. Byrd, an early entrant measuring in at 5'10" and 207 pounds, protects against that probability - though in terms of immediate impact, it's difficult to expect much.

Byrd had a terrible pre-draft process. He timed slowly and underwhelmed at the Combine. But he produced well in the Pac-10, intercepting 17 passes in his three-year career, and is pretty athletic. He also has been productive as a punt returner at Oregon.

As mentioned, we won't say we expected this pick - but a defensive back was coming at some point. Byrd has proven to be a playmaker, but he'll only be a specialist and sub-package corner as a rookie. Strange pick - but it does offer a bit of value, particularly if the Bills try him at safety - an area the Bills need help at as well.

The Bills have exercised all three of their first-day selections. We're sure you'll want to vent on this pick, so have at it. Consider this your open thread for the rest of day one of the 2009 NFL Draft. Thanks for making Buffalo Rumblings your home for the day!