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Whitner pleads not guilty to disorderly conduct, resisting arrest charges

Buffalo Bills safety Donte Whitner appeared in court briefly on Tuesday morning and entered a 'not guilty' plea to charges stemming from an early-April arrest.

Whitner was arrested on April 11 outside of a Cleveland area House of Blues after allegedly entering a 'near-brawl' that escalated outside of the facility.  Police reportedly asked Whitner to stay out of the fray; he allegedly refused, took a 'fighting stance' against the police, and was tasered and taken into custody.

On April 13, Whitner was charged with aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.  Upon his release from prison, Whitner professed his innocence - and when asked if the use of the stun gun was justified, Whitner replied "absolutely not," and added "we're going to sue the Cleveland Police."  He also apologized for the incident at that time.

A day after his prison stay, Whitner posted the following tweet on his Twitter account: "letting my fans know that theres power in truth and soon the truth will come out, I assure everyone that the truth will come out!"

Whitner did not comment after his brief appearance Tuesday morning in court.  A preliminary hearing on the charges will be scheduled for the near future.