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Which Bills rookie will have biggest 2009 impact?

The Buffalo Bills' 2009 NFL Draft rookie class is receiving high grades both here and elsewhere in the football universe. Though none of the team's draft picks are of the high-profile, name recognition variety, the Bills earned extra credit for drafting as many as six players that could start at some point next season. Those six players are...

DE Aaron Maybin: He's raw and very inexperienced, but his top-notch speed and athleticism will make him an asset as a speed rusher from the outset. Has the potential to make big plays and create pressure consistently. Potential is limitless.

OG Eric Wood: Smart, versatile, tough and intense player that immediately slides into a starting guard slot - most likely on the right side.

FS Jairus Byrd: Highly productive college cornerback was brought on board for his ball skills. Considering the Bills' lack of a playmaker at safety, he's got a chance to be the starting free safety on opening day depending on how quickly he assimilates to his new position.

OG Andy Levitre: Much like Wood, he's a smart, versatile, tough and intense player. He will be given every opportunity to earn the starting left guard job in training camp.

TE Shawn Nelson: Buffalo has not had a tight end with his athleticism and matchup-causing skills in years. In an offense that could use as many playmakers as possible around QB Trent Edwards, Nelson will see some work from the TE position as well as in the slot on occasion.

OLB Nic Harris: Very productive college safety at Oklahoma that will be making a position switch. Again, this is a smart and super competitive kid, and he plays a more physical brand of football than the rest of the 'backers competing for the starting SAM spot. Don't count this kid out - he may very well beat out several others for the starting SAM 'backer role in the pre-season.

No, we're not counting CB Cary Harris or CB Ellis Lankster, because let's be honest - they'll be making this team based on special teams merit, if at all. The floor is now open to you, Rumblers - which of these six rookies do you believe will have the biggest impact on the Buffalo Bills in 2009? (Note: we did not lump the two guards together because it's not a lock that both of them will start.)