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Video Time: Bills rookies as seen on film

We feel quite confident that some of you have already taken a poke around the Interwebs looking for as much as you can on the Buffalo Bills' eight 2009 NFL Draft picks.  For those of you that have not, however, we'll do a bit of the dirty work for you.

We found a few videos on seven of Buffalo's eight drafted rookies for your perusal this morning.  (Poor Ellis Lankster - no one wants to give him any YouTube love.)  For the other seven prospects, here's the best we can find - and for more videos, particularly on the more prominent prospects, check out our FanShots section, where you can view previously uploaded videos as well as upload any more you find.

DE Aaron Maybin

OG Eric Wood

FS Jairus Byrd

OG Andy Levitre

TE Shawn Nelson
Well... Shawn doesn't get any YouTube love, either, but you can view a FOX Sports highlight video on Nelson here.

OLB Nic Harris

CB Cary Harris
Cary gets YouTube love, but it's better to view it here, as it doesn't play friendly with the blog platform.

Enjoy, folks!