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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

I was looking at the calendar today and I realized that there are only two Tuesdays before the draft. I know that I can't wait. I'm pretty sure that last week I claimed I would have something special in store for this week; however since TMBT got only eleven comments last week and some of you have been noticeably absent (I'm looking at you Kry), I think the something special will have to wait until next week.

Mystery Player 1
I was an Aggie.
Along with football, I also threw the discus and shot put for my college track team.
I played for six NFL teams during my career.
I played for the winning team of Super Bowl XXXV.

Mystery Player 2
I attended Alabama A&M.
I wore jersey number 75.
I was selected in the eleventh round of the NFL draft.
I played in two Pro Bowls.

Mystery Player 3
I coached the Harlem Hellfighters.
I attended San Diego State University.
I was the Commissioner on the UFL of New York and New Jersey.
I led the Bills in interceptions in my second year in the league.

Mystery Player 4
I attended Wabash College.
I was a third round pick in the 1982 NFL draft.
I played for four NFL franchises during my NFL career.
I was a coach on the Super Bowl XLI champions.

Extra Credit
What do these four players have in common?