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Meet Terrell Owens: Distractor of All Relevance

Hey guys - I'm not sure if you've heard, but Terrell Owens is working out with his Buffalo Bills teammates in Orchard Park this week.  It's the first team-related activity that Owens has participated in since signing a one-year contract with the team in March - and what's more, the workouts are still voluntary.

Stop the presses.  Terrell Owens is giving out of the kindness of his heart.

On a serious note, however, it is a nice gesture from Owens.  I'm not referring to his getting acclimated with the town, or his Twitter-vitation to dinner last night at Tempo, or the fact that he considers himself handsome, either.  I'm talking about the fact that he has actually caught footballs thrown to him by Trent Edwards.  (Yes - that might be the only thing you read here that is related to football and the team's potential 2009 success in any way.  So feel free to stop reading if you wish.)

You know what, though?  I love me some T.O.  He makes my life easier on so many levels as a Bills blogger.  Now I can write entire posts dedicated to nothing at all and call it a day.  Seriously - I only wrote this to use SB Nation's new photo integration tool.

This is the first Bills story relevant enough to have the AP attend a team event - in this case, Owens' press conference today.  See that shiny little caption on the shiny little photo of our handsome receiver?  That's our new SB Nation photo integration technology, incorporating AP photos literally as they're uploaded by AP photographers.  Even though there's actual, recent news to talk about - like, say, Marshawn Lynch's suspension or Jason Peters' contract fiasco and potential trade - it's T.O.'s weightlifting that finally brought us some AP relevance.  Now I can use our new tool - even though there will undoubtedly be Bills fans who read this and curse sports blogs into oblivion.

As worthless as I think this news is - and as much as I borderline despise myself for bringing it up at all (for real, this photo tool is SO cool) - it is nice to talk about something besides Peters, Lynch, our woeful pass rush or the Draft, if only just for a few minutes.  Raise your hand if you feel like you're being worked over, but are loving it anyways!

Owens' full press conference is available here, via the Bills' official site.  And I swear that we will have actual, football-relevant items to chew on later this evening.  (I'm just thankful it's a slow news day.)