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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

After a brief hiatus, Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia is back! Now that the aura surrounding the draft has died down, yours truly can get back to the business of stumping you with some trivia. In case any of you have forgotten the rules, here they are: No cheating - cheating being looking up the answers somewhere other than in your memory banks. If you do cheat, just keep the answers to yourself and give the honest players a chance. Also, I can be a sneaky jerk and slip in a false clue or two just to throw you off, so watch out for those. And away we go...

Mystery Player 1
My middle name is Bernard.
I won the Outland Trophy my senior year in college.
I have two career interceptions.
I was inducted into the Hampton Roads Sports Hall of Fame.

Mystery Player 2
I was an Aztec.
I was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in my first season with the Bills.
I finished my career with the Kansas City Chiefs.
My middle name is Wendell.

Mystery Player 3
I attended Jackson State University.
The Bills drafted me in the fourth round, No. 109 overall.
I finished my career with the Eagles.
I started for the Bills during Super Bowls XXV and XXVI.

Mystery Player 4
My middle name is Concepcion.
I am now a stand up comedian and a broadcaster for Spanish television.
I attended San Diego State University.
I played for five NFL teams during my career, the Bills being the first.