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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

It's Tuesday, which means another edition of Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia at Buffalo Rumblings. Lately I have been feeling very nostalgic. So this week we are going old school - if any Bills players that played for the team before the 1990 season come to mind when mulling over the clues, forget them. I suspect someone like freddyjj will do fine with this, but time will tell. One last thing - I don't know if anybody picked up on this or not, but last week, I had zero false clues. That will change this week; I might even add extra to make up for it.

Mystery Player 1
I was nicknamed "The Dancing Bear".
I am on the Top 70 Redskins of All Time list.
I have 12 career interceptions.
I am a member of the All-Time All-AFL second team.

Mystery Player 2
I attended The Citadel.
I hold the record for most consecutive AFL Championships.
I am a member of the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.
My middle name is Leo.

Mystery Player 3
I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
My son Mike played and was a General Manager in the sport of hockey.
I spent two season playing for the Bills in the AFL.
I was only the fourth player ever to start a game at QB for the Cleveland Browns.

Mystery Player 4
I was a Kentucky Wildcat.
I was the second overall pick in my draft class.
I wore jersey number 67.
I spent ten years with the Bills, and finished up my career with two with the Chiefs.

***Extra Credit***
In 1990 Bruce Smith lead the Bills with 19 sacks. Who was second?
Three players were tied in third with 4, name them.

What positions did Paul McGuire play for the Bills?