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Bills News and Notes 6/1: It's all about Owens

Now that SB Nation has unrolled some fabulous new updates to the blog platform, we'll be starting a summer series each Monday morning in which we'll throw together a post with relevant Buffalo Bills links.  It's now very easy for me to do, and more importantly, it gives y'all a better forum in which to discuss hot topics - and if there's anything you'd like to see expanded as the discussions unfold, well, that's what I'm here for.

And yes - I am, indeed, writing this post this morning just to play with my new toys.

On to the news of the day!'s Ed Thompson - a writer we politely (we hope) and publicly ripped in recent weeks - says that barring injury problems, the Bills should win ten games.

Tim Schmitt of the Niagara Gazette has a nice piece on a highly contested Bill (at least in these parts) - second-year OLB Alvin Bowen.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News takes a look at the moves that all four AFC East teams made - something we recently did as well.

More from Gaughan, who interviews DT Marcus Stroud. The DT's new deal is discussed.

In case you didn't hear, Bills WR Terrell Owens caught a 70-yard touchdown pass during Friday's OTA practice. Apparently, it was a spectacular play - which is somehow surprising when discussing Mr. Owens.

CB Leodis McKelvin has missed a couple of practices with an undisclosed, non-football-related finger injury. This is one reason to love OTA season - teams can act like Bill Belichick does all season and be very mysterious about disclosing injuries.

John Wawrow of the AP has a nice piece up about the opposite personality dynamic between Owens and Lee Evans.

Lindsay Carucci (hey, familiar last name!), writing for, discusses CB Drayton Florence and the potential role he'll fill as a Bill in 2009.

As we discussed last week, RB Marshawn Lynch has bulked up to 230 pounds - but the troubled star isn't sure he'll be able to keep the weight on throughout the season.