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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

I must admit that I enjoyed looking up the Bills players from last week. So I think I will continue that trend this week. Four Bills players who were key cogs in the Buffalo Bills machine of old make up this week's trivia segment. Again, these aren't players who you will find on Kurupt's Top 50 Bills list, but they are guys who deserve some credit, and I am going to give it to them.

Just when I think I don't have to remind you fellas not to cheat, somebody goes and does it. So here is the deal; cheat if you want - I know plenty of you do - but all I ask is that you refrain from posting the answers so that the honest players don't see the answers that you cheated to get. Easy, right?

Mystery Player 1
I was a Shocker.
I was runner-up for the NFL Rookie of the Year award behind Joe Greene.
I am a member of the Tampa Sports Hall of Fame.
I played my final NFL season in a Green Bay Packers uniform.

Mystery Player 2
I was a Hawkeye.
I went to the same high school as Dan Klecko.
I played my entire career as a Buffalo Bill.
My cousin Mike also played for the Bills.

Mystery Player 3
I attended Texas A&I University.
I led the Bills in interceptions in both 1973 and 1975.
I played 10 NFL seasons, over half with the Bills.
17 of my 19 career interceptions came as a Bill.

Mystery Player 4
I was a Georgia Bulldog.
I played for three NFL teams during my career.
My first name is John.
I was a Round 4 pick of the Houston Oilers.

***Extra Credit***
Mystery Player 3 led the Bills in interceptions in 1973 and 1975. Who did it in 1974?
How many career interceptions does O.J. Simpson have?