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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

This week for Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia, I am going to post facts about Buffalo Bills players that you all should know. The trick is that these will be little-known facts. I will list clues that you might not ever have heard of before. I know, you hate me, but that's okay, I'm used to it. Obligatory warnings here; no cheating, beware the false clues.

Mystery Player 1
I transferred from Western Illinois State University.
I played in six Super Bowls.
I won an "Unsung Hero" award at the NFLPA Awards Banquet in 1996.
I finished with 23 career touchdowns.

Mystery Player 2
I tied for the league lead in interceptions in just my second year.
I earned a Pro Bowl berth that same year.
I only recorded 10 more interceptions the rest of my career.
I am a member of the Bills Wall of Fame.

Mystery Player 3
I turned down a scholarship to PSU, because I didn't want to be a linebacker.
I scored 83 career touchdown in the USFL.
I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated holding a New Jersey Generals helmet.
The Bills drafted me in the third round.

Mystery Player 4
I was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.
I started at NC State, then transferred to Tennessee.
I have a degree in Engineering.
I spent five years with the Bills before retiring.

***Extra Credit***
In 1988, Bruce Smith lead the Bills in sacks with 11. What players finished second and third  that year?
In 1993, the Bills returned 3 interceptions for touchdowns. Who scored them?