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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Last week some of you whined pointed out that you had little chance to identify the mystery players, because they played before in an era in which y'all were born. Being that I have a two-year-old daughter at home, I am no stranger to this type of complaint, so I will take the proper course of action and fix it. I promise that at least two of the mystery players will be from the modern era. Even though nobody got Spike Jones, I think that last week went pretty well, so I will stay away from the usual disclaimers.

Mystery Player 1
I was a first round pick of the Bills.
I was a key cog in the "Electric Company"
I was a Wolverine.
My middle name is the same as sireric's.

Mystery Player 2
I was named "Most Improved Player" for the Bills in 2002.
I spent time with the New York Giants.
I was named first team Playboy All-American my senior year of college.
I am currently the offensive line coach for North Park University.

Mystery Player 3
My middle name is Dee.
I attended Central Missouri State University.
I played my entire career with the Bills.
Despite playing in only three games, I recorded 6 sacks in 1992.

Mystery Player 4
I was a Nittany Lion.
I played linebacker for the Giants the year before Lawrence Taylor took over the position.
I was a rookie the same year as Joe DeLamielleure.
My first five years in the NFL were as a Bill.

***Extra Credit***
Name every member of the "Electric Company" - including the TE and FB.
Who was the fourteenth person inducted into the Bills Wall of Fame?