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Bills News and Notes 6/24

Last week, we started up a little summertime feature here at Buffalo Rumblings.  Caption contests are rather cliche when it comes to surfing the Interwebs, but hey - it's not like football fans have anything better to do this time of year.  We can discuss Brett Favre, if you... what's that? Stick with the caption contest? Agreed.

We've got a lovely AP photo of Terrell Owens for you to humor-ize this morning.  Have at it.  In the meantime, enjoy a few Bills-related articles you may have missed.  And don't forget to congratulate thatguy34 for winning over your insanely biased judge - me - as well as winning last week's caption contest with this beauty of an entry:

Dick Jauron: "I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday."

Well played, sir.  Well played.  Like I said - biased.  So if you're looking to win this week's caption contest, it's all about pop culture references of any kind.  If I get it (I'm a nerd, your chances are excellent), you've got a chance.

* The Bills have now surpassed 55,000 season ticket holders.  Way to hold up your end of the bargain, Bills fans.

* Rookie FS Jairus Byrd is anxious to get onto the practice field and apply his new knowledge.

* Some folks up north are upset that QB Trent Edwards graces the Rogers Centre, but no Toronto Argonaut shares the glory.

* SS Donte Whitner's case was pushed back to July 31; a plea deal is expected to be reached before then.

* Oh yeah - T.O. was on TV.

* Did I mention Terrell Owens is a Superstar?

* The AP reports that the Browns have acquired former Bills LB Blake Costanza.  No word on whether any of us have actually seen this kid play, or, far more importantly, whether or not he's related to GeorgeBlake Costanzo, however, will be sorely missed by this Bills fan.  Special.  Teams.  Demon.

* Nice article from Brownie on rookie TE Shawn Nelson's adjusting to the pro game.

* Matt linked to this article last week, but it's worth re-linking: Tim Graham interviews Ted Marchibroda re: Buffalo's brand new no huddle offense.