Vintage Buffalo Bills Documents, Vol. 1

Ed. Note, by Brian Galliford: I had an article ready to post for this afternoon, but I'll make you guys wait, because this post - another great one from VolBrian - is what y'all should be spending your valuable time on this afternoon.  VolBrian, grandson to the first coach in Buffalo Bills history, Buster Ramsey, was kind enough to share some scanned documentation of his grandfather's for our reading pleasure.  Be sure to rec and, more importantly, to thank him for his generosity.  Enjoy! End Note

Here is another small sample of things my grandfather held on to through the years. As you can see, they have aged fairly well, with only some rust spots where staples were.  We'll put them after the jump to save space.

These first two are some of his play-calling sheets he held on the sidelines on game days:


This one is one of his many scouting charts. I have many more for future posts:


The next few are some letters regarding player disputes with other teams and the Canadian league:




The rest are just some random letters and things:


And per the request of Kurupt:



Hope y'all enjoy this stuff, there will be more!

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