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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Good morning Rumblers. Last week on TMBT, I went with four Bills players that you should have known quite well, with the exception of No. 4 - but you can get over that. This week, I am going to leapfrog on Kurupt's outstanding 50 greatest Bills segments, by choosing four Bills players from old that you should know, but perhaps don't. None of these guys are in K's 50 greatest line-up, but all were solid contributors to the Bills through the years. Maybe this will spark some nostalgic reminiscing... or not.

Mystery Player 1
I spent thirteen years in the NFL split between the Bills and one other team.
I attended Grambling State University.
My lone Pro Bowl selection came as a member of the Bills.
I topped 1,000 yards only twice in my career, but both as a member of the Bills.

Mystery Player 2
I attended Missouri University.
I led the Bills in rushing in 1979.
I also fumbled an incredible 10 times that season.
I played one year for the Houston Oilers before retiring.

Mystery Player 3
I was born in Verdun, France.
I attended North Carolina Central University.
I amassed 28 interceptions during my 10-year Bills career.
I led the team in interceptions with 7 in 1985.

Mystery Player 4
I attended Notre Dame.
In 1988, I led the league with 16 touchdowns.
My lone Pro Bowl selection came after my rookie year with the Bills.
I won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1988.

***Extra Credit***
In 1979, Mystery Player 2 led the Bills in rushing. Who was second?
Hank Bullough coached the Bills at the start of the 1986 season. How many games did he coach before being fired and replaced by Marv Levy?