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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Please Take Note: This is the second-to-last TMBT of the summer before we start to get into the pre-season, unless something comes up and we need some filler. Next week I have something a little different in store for you guys, being as it is the last TMBT of the year. I just need some of my fellow admins to get in gear. (You know who you are.) With that in mind, I decided to take a different route today as well. Instead of players, this week we are doing coaches - not necessarily head coaches, but if a guy EVER coached a position for the Bills, he is eligible. So you are looking for coaches, not players, this week.

Mystery Coach 1
I attended Philander Smith college.
I played for the Packers, Rams, and Saints during my playing days.
I am a member of the Packers Hall of Fame.
I was a coach for the Bills under Marv Levy.

Mystery Coach 2
I played linebacker while attending the University of Houston.
I have been a head coach of five different NFL teams.
I had a cameo in The Waterboy.
I spent four years as defensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mystery Coach 3
I was the architect of Denver's "Orange Crush" defense.
I was drafted by the New York Giants in Round 22, but chose to go into coaching instead.
I was fired from the Broncos by Dan Reeves.
My son now coaches for the Chiefs.

Mystery Coach 4
My only head coaching position was for North Carolina State University.
I was succeeded by Tony Dungy as Vikings defensive coordinator.
I coached the Bills for two seasons.
I played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Extra Credit
* What was the official name of the helmet pad that Mark Kelso and Don Beebe sported at times?

* The Bills had stationery and various other team merchandise showing a running player wearing a specific number, and it was not supposed to represent any specific person, so that number wasn't to be released for players to use. What number was it?