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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

Last week, I told you that this will be the final TMBT of the summer (barring the need for filler), and that you should expect something special for this week. This is the "something special"; today, instead of trying to guess the mystery Bills player (or coach, as we did last week), you have to guess the mystery Rumbler. That is correct - eight of the ten Rumblings administrators have submitted clues about themselves, and you have to figure out which one of us is the Mystery Rumbler.

Some of us gave incredibly long clues; some gave about 75 clues for me to choose from; still others gave the bare minimum.  I have re-typed the clues so as to rule out any telling language that you might recognize (such as Brian's "y'all", or Kurupt's "Kelsay stinks"). Also of note: two of our Rumblers failed to submit clues on time, either because they didn't want to participate (I'm not sure I want guys like Joe P or CBF knowing too much about me either; maybe it's already too late), or their lethargy prevented them from doing so.  Either way, their absence makes it tougher on you, so I didn't push them for the clues.

Your Rumblings editorial staff includes: Brian Galliford, Kurupt, sireric, MattRichWarren, Ron From NM, jri111, WABillsfan, MARVelous, krytime and poz.  I think this will be pretty interesting...

Mystery Rumbler 1
* I once waited in line to get Andre Reed's autograph when I was around ten years old. He left after an hour, and I left without an autograph and a semi-dislike for Andre.
* The last Bills game I went to was at an opposing team's stadium.
* My father was born and raised in Buffalo and attended games at the Rockpile as a teenager. He took me to my first game at Rich Stadium when I was nine.
* I played football my entire life (under the delusion that I was pretty good), but quit after JV. I have kind of regretted it since.

Mystery Rumbler 2
* Like Mystery Rumbler 1, the last Bills game I attended was at an opposing team's stadium.
* This is my favorite movie of all time.
* My father isn't a sports guy at all, so my love for the Bills is completely my own.
* I am one of few people who thinks the Bills were correct in cutting Doug Flutie and keeping Rob Johnson, even in hindsight.

Mystery Rumbler 3
* For some odd reason, I have always had a soft spot for the Cleveland Browns.
* One year, I literally out-jumped a throng of rabid fans to get Bruce Smith's autograph.
* Neither my high school or college alma maters had a football team.
* I spent five years of my life living in the same hometown as Frank Reich.

Mystery Rumbler 4
I was born in England.
* I was a Longhorn.
* I attended the Christmas Eve game at the Ralph versus the Titans and Vince Young.
* I had a terrible gut feeling that Norwood would miss that field goal in Super Bowl XXV.

Mystery Rumbler 5
* I attended SUNY Potsdam.
* I played varsity football, and was given the "Team First" award.
* The first Bills game I ever attended was a loss to the Raiders.
* The only game where I have witnessed a Bills victory live was versus the Raiders.

Mystery Rumbler 6
* I attended Point Park College, Dennis Miller's alma mater.
* I like to date younger women of ill repute. (Ed. Note: I had to use this clue.)
* I hate Jets fans at the Ralph more than anything. I would rather watch a game with cockroaches crawling on my skin.
* Teppo Numinen thinks I'm funny.

Mystery Rumbler 7
* I spent four years of my life living in the territory of one of our AFC East rivals.
* I played both college and high school football.
* I once competed in a national card tournament.
* I have a unique sense of humor that can be found on the web for free, or paid for if you are so inclined.

Mystery Rumbler 8
* All five games that I have attended at the Ralph have ended in a Bills loss.
* I would rather quote Dick Jauron than Bill Belichick.
* I became hooked of the Bills thanks to one player who lives near me to this day and I have met several times.
* I played college basketball in both Division III and Division II.