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Clarification on Buffalo's "HORRIBLE" offensive line

You may recall a post from this morning in which we highlighted Daniel Jeremiah, a former scout with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, and his opinion on the current state of the Buffalo Bills' offensive line.  If you haven't seen it or have short-term memory loss, click the link or scroll down to read that story.

Long-time Rumblings reader Vicious V took the initiative to follow up with Jeremiah via Twitter.  A clarification on Jeremiah's opinions on Buffalo's line - which he deemed "HORRIBLE" in passing on Wednesday - is after the jump.

Here's the question as posed by Vicious V to Jeremiah via Twitter:

I'm a Bills fan and in all seriousness I was wondering why you think Buffalos O-Line depth is so putrid. Can you explain?

Jeremiah's first response clarified his initial remarks, while adding a nice little nightmare scenario...

I actually think both young OG's will be good in time but their OT's are really poor... Trent Edwards will get hurt in 09

... and then added a little icing on the cake with his final tweet.

I just talked to a pro personnel director who said Buf OT's are both backup types

The young guards Jeremiah references in his first response are, of course, rookies Eric Wood and Andy Levitre, the projected starters at right and left guard, respectively.  That's nice to hear.  We still think it's weird that Geoff Hangartner is left out of the discussion (not just by Jeremiah, but everywhere else, too), but we'll take a little optimism when we can.

As for the opinion on tackles Langston Walker and Brad Butler... well, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect.  ESPN's Matt Williamson has been adamantly knocking Buffalo's decision to trade Jason Peters since it happened; Jeremiah's opinion, fortified by the unnamed personnel director, essentially holds with common skepticism.

We don't really have much to add.  As mentioned this morning, we think the line is a right sight better looking right now than it was last season, and we'll take a wait-and-see approach before condemning or condoning.  We also mentioned, and maintain, that it's hard to get fired up about the opinions stated by Jeremiah and others because it's not at all surprising that someone would come to that conclusion.

Thanks to Vicious V for going out and getting clarification on this.  He's a true Rumbler through and through, and we appreciate his initiative.