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2009 Bills Training Camp: Day Two Open Thread

Day one of 2009 Buffalo Bills training camp was hit-and-miss for the team as they knocked the rust off after a lengthy layoff from football.  Terrell Owens was, of course, the prevailing story of the day, but his teammates made a few plays to keep the conversation from being centered entirely around Buffalo's shiny new offensive toy.

This is an open thread for day two of Bills training camp - the second and final two-a-day orchestrated by head coach Dick Jauron (though, for those with ants in their pants about Jauron's "soft" camps, it should be noted that plenty of pads practices loom).  We'll be providing updates throughout the day, just as we did yesterday.  Those updates appear after the jump.

8:52 AM: MRW reports that DT Marcus Stroud is not practicing today, as expected.  Stroud has a minor hamstring injury that he's dealing with; he's likely being held out as a precautionary measure.

9:25 AM: Good news on the Trent Edwards front - after a rusty day one, MRW reports that Edwards is "looking much better" so far.

Some interesting things are happening at receiver, as well, with Roscoe Parrish taking reps ahead of fan favorite Steve Johnson.  Meanwhile, the Bills are working on some no-huddle sets this morning, utilizing tight ends Derek Schouman and rookie Shawn Nelson (who has impressed Matt with his athleticism) out wide.  Derek Fine, Jonathan Stupar and Travis McCall are being used as "in-line" tight ends.

10:05 AM: Wow - Matt's tweeting up a storm this morning.  Trent Edwards is now officially having a great day, folks - judging purely from Matt's tweets, he's hit five passes of twenty yards or longer, including three to T.O. - one of which was another long touchdown throw.  Lee Evans and Derek Fine were in on the act as well.  (Edwards did apparently do a face plant on a scramble, proving once again that he is, in fact, very human.)

The bad news is that CB Leodis McKelvin has been victimized on most of these big gainers from Edwards.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is having another poor day, however, missing throws and tossing an interception (Nic Harris).  He did, however, have a lengthy scoring play to Steve Johnson.

Fred Jackson is once again getting reps at wide receiver.  But perhaps the biggest news of the day is this: "I just saw a play action pass, guys."

11:15 AM: Morning practice is over, and by all accounts, it was a smooth, crisp one for pretty much everybody involved.  Bills have another practice this afternoon, and once again, MRW will be there.  Stay tuned...

3:14 PM: The afternoon practice is now underway, and as MRW reports, special teams coordinator Bobby April is beginning to show his adjustments to the new special teams wedge rules.  We'll let Matt explain in full, via Twitter:

Instead of the wedge they have two sets of two with a gap and a big dude about three yards behind in that gap. Using a bunch of groups of 2

Matt also notes that unlike previous seasons, when reserve linemen (such as Jason Whittle and Kirk Chambers) were used, smaller, faster players are being used on returns, with Spencer Johnson the only "big" on the field.

3:20 PM: Shawn Nelson is opening some eyes, including MRW's.  Matt tweets that Nelson, who is currently getting reps with the first team offense, is looking great lining up wide as well as releasing from the line.  Granted, hitting is at a minimum, but good news is good news.

3:34 PM: Trent Edwards' strong day continues, as MRW reports he just hit Lee Evans on another long scoring play.