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POLL: Are Bills fans comfortable with Ryan Fitzpatrick?

When the NFL's free agent signing period began this past February, the Buffalo Bills had two very high priorities entering the first day, and addressed those positions earlier than any other: center and backup quarterback. Geoff Hangartner was the answer at center, and most Bills fans, though clearly not completely devoid of skepticism, were cautiously optimistic about the signing. The team's choice of former Ram and Bengal Ryan Fitzpatrick at backup quarterback, however, was met with much more criticism.

The 6'2", 225-pound Fitzpatrick is entering his fifth year out of Harvard. Physically, he's underwhelming - though with 368 career rushing yards and four touchdowns, most critics will admit that he's fairly dangerous as a runner. His career 66.9 quarterback rating and 12-17 touchdown-to-interception ratio does little to inspire confidence, however. Bengals fans weren't particularly enamored with him, either.

Buffalo is now three full days into 2009 training camp, and Fitzpatrick has quickly established himself as one of the more controversial players on the team. He has struggled, to put it lightly. He has thrown his fair share of interceptions, and while he's also had some nice throws as well (including more than one long touchdown), skepticism has never been higher. He hasn't completely picked up Turk Schonert's offensive system yet, either - though, with only a few months under his belt, that's probably expected. Our question to you today, fine Rumblers - where does your opinion on Fitzpatrick as Buffalo's backup quarterback currently lie?