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T.O. Day at Buffalo Rumblings

I've been holding off on this for too long - but with Fourth of July weekend just around the corner (and yours truly on a lovely vacation), now seems like the best time for some fireworks, does it not?

If there's one player in the NFL that was born to create fireworks, it's Terrell Owens.

So I'm done putting this off.  It's been nearly four months since the Buffalo Bills inked their brand-new enigmatic wideout to a one-year deal.  We've talked about him incessantly - oh yes; we've beaten the topic of T.O. to a bloody pulp - but we're also going to have to wait another three weeks until we see him on the field in (relatively) important football situations.  Until then, let's take a moment on the eve of a holiday weekend to watch T.O. - and feel free to let yourselves get as excited as I did watching these videos.  They're after the jump.

OK, welcome to the jungle.  First thing's first - T.O. the player.  This highlight video is entirely from Owens' three-year stay in Dallas - and as that's the player that the Bills are bringing in, you can expect to see a little of that at Ralph Wilson Stadium next season.

Next up - T.O. the diva.  Yeah, we're leaving the bad stuff out of it - this is a celebration.  It's pretty hilarious that when a video of the NFL's best touchdown celebrations is put together, the ringleader is, of course, our own Mr. Owens (although a certain Mr. Ochocinco has a good showing as well).

Lastly - T.O. the person.  I know, I know - I'm ending this thing on a serious note.  But this video is fascinating, and I figured y'all would enjoy it.  If it sobers you up, just go watch the highlight video again.

I'm taking tomorrow off from a writing standpoint; hope y'all don't mind.  We'll have Fourth of July content here, so feel free to drop by, but we'll save the serious stuff for Sunday morning.  Enjoy your holiday weekend, folks!