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Around the AFC East: Ranking the division's quarterbacks

With NFL training camps opening league-wide over the next several days, the four AFC East bloggers of SB Nation - Matty I at The Phinsider, MaPatsFan at Pats Pulpit, and John B at Gang Green Nation - have decided that this will be the final week of Around the AFC East for the summer.  Don't cry, folks; we'll be seeing plenty of them throughout the regular season.  These are our most bitter rivals, after all.

We'll end this year's festivities with a ranking of the division's quarterbacks.  Where does Buffalo Bills signal-caller Trent Edwards fit in?  You'll have to jump for our answer, and travel for my peers'.

1.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Duh.  Even if we wanted to do this ranking based on quarterback depth charts - which we're not factoring in heavily, because where's the point in that? - New England still comes up at the top.  Brady is arguably the best quarterback in the game.  He's a perfect fit for that team and that offensive philosophy.  He's the quintessential leader.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

2.  Chad Pennington and the Miami Dolphins.  I tried to talk myself into being a homer and ranking the Bills here, but then I just laughed at myself.  Even though he has only ever played for teams I despise, I have always had a profound respect for Pennington's game and the way he handles himself.  His reputation is that of "game manager," and his arm strength is a running joke, but the guy is consistent to a fault, accurate beyond belief, and capable of leading any team deep into the playoffs.  It helps to have a talented youngster waiting in the wings (Chad Henne).

3.  Trent Edwards and the Buffalo Bills.  Y'all know that I'm a big Edwards fan.  Everything I'm hearing about Edwards coming out of camp this year is pretty much expected - he's got a great grasp on the offense, but his throws are still a bit inconsistent.  He's been making a lot of plays through the air with his shiny new toys at receiver.  I firmly believe that he's in line to have a great season, regardless of how the team performs in the standings.  However, health issues and being largely unproven make it impossible to rank him ahead of an established, consistent veteran like Pennington.  There is nothing like a proven commodity at quarterback.  Edwards is certainly not that.  Not yet, at least.

4.  Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.  Right now, Kellen Clemens is listed as the top quarterback on New York's depth chart, but let's face it - Rex Ryan is operating under the belief that he can replicate the Ravens' success with rookie Joe Flacco in 2008 this year with Sanchez at the helm in New York.  If Trent Edwards wasn't so promising, I might have considered bumping Sanchez up the list - I think he's going to be that good in the NFL.  But he's vastly inexperienced, even for a rookie quarterback, and he's proven as much in the NFL as I have.  He ranks fourth, but he and the Jets will, unfortunately, be fine in the long run.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know, and then let us know what you think of the rankings of The Phinsider, Pats Pulpit and Gang Green Nation as well!