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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia

I just looked at the calendar and realized that training camp and preseason isn't that far away, which means there are only a handful of TMBTs left before the real football stuff starts. I have something special in mind that I would like to do but it will have to wait a week or two. Until then you will have to make due with my normal drivel.

Mystery Player 1
I attended Boston College.
I played for three NFL franchises.
I made five Pro Bowls.
I co-own a restaurant with former NFL player Steve DeOssie.

Mystery Player 2
I attended McNeese State University.
I am a member of the Bills Wall Of Fame.
I was drafted in Round 17 by the Bills.
I played my entire career for the Bills.

Mystery Player 3
I lost the starting QB position in college to Steve Spurrier.
I lead the Sacramento Surge to the World Bowl as their head coach.
I played two seasons in the NFL - one year for two different teams.
I am responsible for changing the Bills helmets from white to red.

Mystery Player 4
I attended Arkansas State University.
I started as an offensive lineman, then switched to a defensive lineman before switching back again.
I was the head football coach at LaSalle Senior high school.
I played 10 seasons for the Bills before one last year with the Jets.

***Extra Credit***
Name the top three touchdown scorers the last year the Bills made the playoffs.
In 1973, O.J. Simpson rushed for 2,003 yards. Who led the Bills in receiving yards?