Some Informed Thinking

Well, it has been quite a long time since I have posted here--perhaps since the Draft. However, with the preseason underway, and the usual negativity pervading the Board, I thought it may be a good time to offer some informed thoughts. I am recently returned from five days with the Bills. Three days of practice last week--inside the ropes--VERY up close and personal, followed by a trip to Canton where I watched the game last night.

My first question---in reading all of the fan posts here, I am curious. Why don't we just mail in a 6-10 season and forget about actually playing the games? For what is worth, and I am NO homer, nor am I a polyanna, but I have a MUCH different outlook on the upcoming season than 95% of my fellow rumblers. For any of you who have followed my rare posts here, you may disagree totally with any and all that I say, but need only trust that it comes from a love of the Bills coupled with some inside knowledge not usually bestowed on just a normal football-loving guy. Where do I start????

First---we are going to score points. Maybe a ton of them. It is the very RARE person here who is willing to give Schoenert/Jauron any kind of credit. for the creativity of going no-huddle 100% of the time. Now you may think this is some type of "gadget" or "gimmick" meant to trick defenses because we can't outplay them--but you would be 100% wrong. This decision came after a LOT of careful thinking and analysis--not the least of which was a rigorous analysis of our own talent.. There is much more to this than I have time for today--but I was chuckling last night watching the Houston corners playing 12 yards off of T.O. and Lee, the middle wide open and Trent throwing in ryhthm. I am incredibly excited and you should be too.

Oh--yes, the O-Line. After some quick reading, I am in favor of waiving LeVitre. Whaddya say? I guess after one exhibition game, his career is like O-V-E-R. He sucks. Guess what? Good grief people. Get a grip. I like him a LOT. Not as much as the man love I have for Wood, but the kid is a tirless worker, is very smart, and has a LOT of talent. The O-Line is FAR from my biggest concern on this team. When I left St. John Fisher, Butler was in VERY bad temper, trying to get back on the field as soon as he can--which will be this week I believe. Langston is absolutely a more than adequete LT, Hang is fine, and we just need some continuous reps, which will happen over the next 4 weeks.

I do believe that ultimately the season will reside in Trent's hands and I am very confident after watching him over the past week. He is confident, has been extremely accurate is has shown leadership qualities that i do not believe had existed before.

I could write endlessly about all that I have observed and more importantly learned over this past week, but I do not have the time or quite frankly the will. I will happily respond to questions or things on specific players you may be interested in--I suffer from no lack of opinion at all, but PLEASE people, lighten up. We are going to be good. YES--we do need a better pass rush for sure. I know this as does the team. Hopefully Maybin will get into Camp quickly and provide some threat off of the edge--but from what i hear, his agents are a bit odd, and this may take a bit more time.

As to the bona fides that allow me to speak as an informed insider--Brian will testify for me. He is aware of what i know and how I know it, but that is as far as it goes.

Now--let's get ready for Saturday. And please, try and be objective.

All Best,


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