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Confirmed: Front lawn of McKelvin's home vandalized

The Buffalo Bills have confirmed (AP write-up linked) that the front lawn of the home of cornerback Leodis McKelvin was vandalized.

LB Kawika Mitchell, a defensive captain for the Bills, tweeted the news earlier today, but did not mention which of his teammates was victimized at that time.  His tweets, in full, are below.

A teammate of ours had his house vandalized last nite or this morn. Its def not a game to b playin. W/ all the safety issues n the NFL... its not funny at all. We have Fam at our homes to protect. If u show ur face on my prop Ill make sure I do everythin to keep my... Fam safe. So dont come around thinkin, oh we'll just leave a message on his lawn or wall, b/c Im goin to take it as a threat. Its my... job to protect my home as it is the job of all home owners. Dont push the limit.

McKelvin fumbled a kickoff return late in the Bills' 25-24 loss to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.  New England recovered the fumble and scored the winning touchdown on the ensuing possession.

Quite frankly, this is disgusting.  A few irresponsible and incredibly immature individuals, in this particular case, are the canker of an entire fan base.  Nothing - especially not frustration over what is, ultimately, a game - gives anyone the right to act like this.  What a disgrace, folks.  Let's hope that responsible Bills fans with any knowledge of this embarrassment contact the proper authorities.