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Bills' Maybin will continue to wear No. 58

Though he only enjoyed one ultra-productive year in college, Buffalo Bills rookie DE Aaron Maybin was known by Penn State teammates as "59," the number that he donned while collecting a dozen sacks, as well as All-American and All-Big 10 honors.

When Maybin was drafted by the Bills, however, jersey 59 was already taken - by linebacker Pat Thomas, signed nearly two months prior to Maybin's selection at No. 11 overall in the 2009 NFL Draft.  As you're well aware, Thomas was released by the Bills on Wednesday - freeing up Maybin's college number.

I asked Maybin via Twitter whether or not he'd switch back to his college number.

"Derrick Thomas, Shane Conlan, Jack Lambert. All wore the number 58," Maybin tweeted back. "I'm honored to wear it and will continue to do so."

If that's not a good reason to keep a number, I don't know what is.  "Project Mayhem" will remain No. 58 - so if you've ordered or already own your Maybin/58 jersey, fret not.  The young man knows his history; here's hoping he's the next great 58.