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Forbes: Buffalo Bills valued at $909 million

In its annual release of NFL team valuations, Forbes lists the Buffalo Bills as worth an estimated $909 million, the seventh-lowest valued team in the league.  The Oakland Raiders, worth approximately $797 million, are valued lowest, with the Dallas Cowboys ($1.65 billion) pacing the NFL.

However, the Bills did a roaring trade over the past year, as they paced the league along with three other franchises - New England, Tampa Bay and San Diego - in highest one-year value percentage increase, growing their worth by three percent.  Once again, Oakland brought up the rear in this category, watching their value drop by seven percent.

Other Forbes figures: the Bills pulled in $222 million in revenue last year, the eighth-lowest total in the league (Washington was the highest at $345 million; Detroit the lowest, at $208 million).  Due to the team's wise frugality, however, the Bills were No. 12 in the league in operating income ($39.5 million).  Buffalo was middle of the pack (No. 15 from the low end) in debt-to-value ratio (14%).

Buffalo's Hall of Fame owner, Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., will turn 91 this coming October 17.  Buffalo is entering the second year of a five-year commitment known as the "Bills in Toronto Series," a move lauded by experts for its regionalization of the team and nerve-racking for a fan base paranoid of losing its NFL franchise.