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Daily Links - Division Previews, Hardy, TO's workouts, Wes Welker

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Bills' Schouman refuses to sit tight | The Buffalo News
"I want to play well," Schouman said. "I don't want to just be there. I think I've improved in a lot of areas. At the same time, there's still a lot I need to improve on, and that will just come with experience."

Hardy still hopeful |
What Hardy is trying to come to grips with is the rewards of all the hard work he has put in this offseason may not be realized until midseason.

What's Your Workout with Terrell Owens | Wall Street Journal Online
A look at Terrell Owens' workouts

It’s not the way any player wants to enter the regular season, but Fred Jackson is already preparing himself to deal with the nagging pain that his sprained left thumb and wrist might give him for the whole season.

Perhaps it’s appropriate that Andy Levitre visited with fans at Darien Lake over the weekend. His rookie season with the Buffalo Bills so far has been a bit of a rollercoaster.

Bills wide receiver James Hardy, a second-year pro, is still trying to battle back from a knee injury.

The TV blackout of Thursday night's Detroit at Buffalo preseason finale could be a break for the Bills.

SI predicts the Bills will finish fourth in the AFC East

Trent Edwards comes in 3rd on Peter King's list

The Bills need Owens desperately to stretch the field and open things up. They have two weeks for T.O. and Edwards to get their timing back, and Owens did return to full practice Monday.

The Bills have been terrible on offense, but Terrell Owens and Trent Edwards don't seem to be worried.

The Arizona Republic's Bob McManaman previews the 2009 AFC East

Will the Patriots rule the division again? The Dolphins and Jets aren't ready and T.O. can't save these Bills, Pete Prisco says, shaking the formula down to two words -- Tom Brady.

Some good news for the Bills, hopefully...