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Poll: who should be Bills' starting TE?

The Buffalo Bills enter their pre-season finale with Detroit tonight with a decision to make at tight end. Jonathan Stupar has had an excellent pre-season, and many believe he should be made a part of the Bills' final 53-man roster this Saturday. It's still unclear whether or not the Bills will be willing to keep four tight ends, but Stupar - despite his pre-season success - is still decidedly fourth in the rotation.

Perhaps a more contentious debate is which of the Bills' top trio of tight ends - Derek Schouman, Derek Fine and Shawn Nelson - should be seeing first-team reps. Throughout the pre-season, it seems that every player has had a chunk of fans in his camp. So here's your poll. Go, and tell us who you voted for and why. Even if it's pretty clear that Schouman will start, we're still curious.