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Buffalo Rumblings 53-man Roster Projection Contest


We told you it was coming, and now it's here: if you're looking to win a little prize for being the one fan that comes closest to matching the Buffalo Bills' 53-man roster - to be decided by 4:00 PM ET Saturday - with your own projection, this is the spot to do it.  Welcome to the 2009 Buffalo Rumblings 53-man Roster Projection Contest, sponsored by twoeightnine design!

What's that "Beast Mode" picture all about, you ask? That, folks, is the prize - the winner of the contest gets a free tee courtesy of twoeightnine, with color and content (other examples here and here) up to you.  Be sure to drop by to check out all of twoeightnine's excellent products.  And just so you're aware - a "Project Mayhem" tee is coming soon! I, for one, will be checking into that.

I won't be entering the contest - that's for y'all to compete for - but my own roster projection is coming a little later today.  This spot is for your contest submissions.  All entries must be in by midnight Saturday.  Have at it, folks!