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PFT: Turk Schonert out in Buffalo, Van Pelt in

Mike Florio at is reporting that Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Turk Schonert is no longer the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills.  Schonert has been relieved of those duties.  Florio also reports in an update that quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt will assume coordinator responsibilities.

This move is hardly surprising, considering we'd already heard rumors that patience was wearing thin with Schonert, and considering how abysmal the team's offense has been in the pre-season.

Buffalo's offense has been terrible this pre-season; Trent Edwards carries a quarterback rating of 46.9 into the regular season, the first unit did not score an offensive touchdown (but did turn it over five times), and in the last three weeks in particular, did not come close to resembling a competent NFL offense.  Van Pelt's first charge will be getting his troops - bolstered by the return of WR Terrell Owens - into better positions to make plays.

I'm floored - but pleased.  No one can adequately claim that Dick Jauron isn't gutsy anymore - this is a gutsy move.  Time will tell if it pays off.