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Buffalo Rumblings 53-man Roster Projection Contest: Results!


Last week, we announced our first-ever Buffalo Rumblings 53-man Roster Projection Contest, sponsored by twoeightnine design.  The results are in - so if you entered the contest, head on past the jump.  Before you do, however, I encourage you to visit twoeightnine's store (linked above) to check out the brand-new "Project Mayhem" tee, plus other great products.

Without further ado - the winner of the 2009 Buffalo Rumblings 53-man Roster Projection contest is...


Congratulations to TEMSON! In order to claim your prize, please shoot an email to to square everything away.

We had to go to tie-breakers on this one, folks - of our dozens of entrants, an unexpected four of you were in the running for the final prize.  Mad props go out to Zorak84, CBATL32 and (insert expletive with an "-ing" at the end) Kurupt for coming oh-so-close to the grand prize.

All four finalists missed just two players in their final roster projections, incorrectly predicting that RB Dominic Rhodes and OL Kirk Chambers would make the squad.  To their credit, every single other contestant missed those two as well.  Also to their credit, all four of these contestants was correct on all 27 defensive players they predicted to make the final roster.

The tie-breaker was simply correctly projecting as many practice squad players as possible.  TEMSON claimed the final prize here, correctly predicting 5 of 8 taxi squad players (RB Bruce Hall, WR C.J. Hawthorne, TE Jonathan Stupar, LB Alvin Bowen, CB Cary Harris).  Both CBATL32 and Kurupt correctly projected for practice squad players; Zorak84 did as well, but unfortunately, we can't count LB Alvin Bowen twice, can we?

Again, congratulations to the four finalists and to our winner, TEMSON.  Thanks to everyone who participated (i.e. made me waste minutes of my life counting incorrect answers), and special thanks to twoeightnine for sponsoring the event!