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NFL Wild Card Playoffs: Ravens at Patriots Open Thread

New England Patriots (10-6) vs Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
1:00 PM ET, CBS

Saturday's NFL Wild Card playoff games were, in my opinion, rather boring. Cincinnati couldn't muster enough passing offense to keep things interesting against New York, and Philadelphia fell flat on their faces for a second straight week in Dallas. In the end, one game was decided by 10 points, and the other by 20. No surprises; very little late-game intrigue. Hopefully, that changes today.

Our first shot comes in New England, where a battered and highly questionable Patriots team takes on a Ravens team that backed its way into the playoffs and has a few issues of its own. We've seen this matchup once already this year, as New England beat Baltimore 27-21 in a Week 4 battle at Gillette Stadium. The re-match comes today, but this time, the Patriots look to be a bit more vulnerable.

The authors of Buffalo Rumblings have made their game picks below. This is your open thread for today's first playoff game; predictions, in-game comments, whatever you want to talk about - this thread is yours.

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