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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 1/10

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Tasker’s future HOF chances – Inside The Bills
"I just fear some voters will never equate special teams performance on par with offense and defense. What those voters need to know is Tasker was a player that proved the doubters wrong and showed that special teams can not only change games, but win them."

Bob Matthews: Thank goodness for lame Detroit Lions | Democrat and Chronicle
"The Buffalo Bills can thank the Detroit Lions for sparing them the unflattering NFL Worst Team of the Past Decade dishonors. The Bills and Lions were the only teams to miss the playoffs from 2000 through 2009, but the Lions had a worse record. In fact, four teams had worse records than Buffalo (66-94) for the decade: Detroit, Cleveland, Arizona, and Oakland."

Second Allegation Against Lynch in 24 Hours : Buffalo Sports Daily
Army veteran Steve Lapsey is coming forward and saying Marshawn Lynch also took 20 dollars from him in August. "I didn’t have anything on me other than a $20 dollar bill and my business card from work. So I gave them to him and thought that’s a pretty cool prize and said do you think you can sign this? He said no, but I’ll hold it. I thought he was joking."

Team in Transition
Schottenheimer boosts stock |

"One game shouldn't mean very much, but the reality is that "hot" coaches from the playoffs often get jobs. If Nix was predisposed to Schotteheimer before Saturday, he may have an easier job selling Marty's son to Wilson now."

Bills looking at first-and-long when it comes to Cowher : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson gives a bunch of reasons for Cowher to not come to Buffalo and a bunch of reasons for the Super Bowl winner to set up shop in the Queen City.

Bills should hire Schottenheimer : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Former News columnist Larry Felser would like to see the Bills hire Marty Schottenheimer because of his excellent track record.

Perry Fewell has all Chicago Bears seek in a defensive coordinator -
"League insiders believe Fewell is fit for the job based on what he did as the coordinator in Buffalo the last four seasons. Angelo used the word "evolve" in a news conference last week, and some evolution is what Fewell could bring to the scheme. After succeeding Dick Jauron as interim coach of the Bills during the season, he interviewed to be the permanent top man for them but is considered a long shot. He also interviewed for the defensive coordinator job with the Giants."

Source: Cowher "nearly a lock" to coach in 2010 : Buffalo Sports Daily
"A source I spoke with this morning told me that Bill Cowher is 'nearly a lock' to coach in the NFL again in 2010. But Bills fans shouldn’t get excited quite yet. Just because the Buffalo is the only team with a help wanted sign hanging on their head coaching door, it doesn’t automatically equate to Cowher roaming the sidelines in Orchard Park next season. 'All my Cowher sources say no way.' The same source said, but also admitted there’s so much conflicting information out there they could be wrong."

More Bills News
Lynch's agent calls new charges "false and entirely malicious" |

"'Based upon information we've received, these allegations against Marshawn are false and entirely malicious,' Doug Hendrickson told us vial e-mail. Hendrickson also calls the claim 'slanderous,' and he contends that Crawford is a 'racist rogue cop... This guy is very dangerous and the citizens of Buffalo should be scared that this guy is on the force,' Hendrickson said."

Reed a HOF finalist, but will have to wait - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"In addition to Rice, other receiver finalists who should get consideration before Reed are Cris Carter (the only other finalists with AFC East ties), Tim Brown and pass-catching tight end Shannon Sharpe. Carter and Sharpe finished ahead of Reed in last year's balloting. "

Dear Buffalo Bills |
Matt Coller offers the Bills a strategy to get back into the playoffs. It does include keeping Perry Fewell and Ryan FItzpatrick but other things like creating an identity and draft a stud LT as well as utilize the TE more.

Scott Pitoniak: Opining on dad, movies, layoffs, the Bills coaching search and Goofy Gilbert
Pitoniak doesn't want Bill Cowher and is wondering why the Bills haven't interviewed Brian Billick, Jim Fassell, or Marty Schottenheimer. He would also like to see them at least interview Jim Harbaugh and doesn't understand the reasoning behind hiring Leslie Frazier instead of promoting Perry Fewell.

Foundation sponsored by Bills player helps with character development : The Buffalo News
"About 200 high school students from the Student Ambassadors program with the Buffalo Public Schools attended the private screening, which was a treat from Buffalo Bills linebacker Chris Draft as part of his Family Foundation's Character Team. The student leaders who attended — dubbed "Draft's Picks" — were selected based on academics, leadership and extracurricular involvement."

Final Bills TV shows air this weekend |
Thurman Thomas' and Steve Tasker's shows will air for the final time this season today. For airing times jump through the link. - Video section
Check out this video clip of Jim Kelly acting all cool with Marshawn.

Bills Tweets
Twitter / Peter King

RT @brian_benedict: What do we have to do to get Steve Tasker elected to the HoF? ... Pray. Hard.

Twitter / Peter King
RT @milliken77: @SI_PeterKing Sav Rocca best name in football? ... Buffalo corner Reggie Corner.

Twitter / Aaron Maybin
@PatrickMoranBSD I like anything that means Wins, plain and simple. Someone who's not afraid to do what has to be done [Ed. note: In regards to Maybin being a 3-4 OLB with a new coach.]

Twitter / drayton florence
@thurmanthomas kool u gonna b workin with the team next season?

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
@DraytonFlorence I hope so, but you know how things go. Where u St right now Florida. What part