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Should Bills have offense/defense preference in next coach?

This is a tidbit that has been widely speculated ever since Dick Jauron was fired back on November 17, but what the heck: Mike Florio at reports that the Buffalo Bills intend to hire a man with extensive experience coaching offense as its next head coach. Hey - they haven't had one of those since Mike Mularkey.

The problem, of course, is that the one man that has gotten a serious interview with the team and is not currently mulling over other opportunities - Leslie Frazier - is Minnesota's defensive coordinator, and has never coached offensive football.

As John Wawrow of the Associated Press quickly pointed out to us, Bills owner Ralph Wilson told him that he has no preference insofar as a candidate's side-of-the-ball background goes. Given the nature of Buffalo's search, which has led to interviews with two defensive-minded coaches right out of the gate, Wilson's words thus far ring true.

Buffalo has received permission from Arizona to interview Russ Grimm, assistant head coach and offensive line coach, but that interview isn't likely to happen until after Arizona is eliminated from the playoffs - if it happens at all. The team also pursued Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who quickly turned down the opportunity.

The team has yet to request interviews with any other candidates, even though just about anyone promotion-worthy has been mentioned at this point. The name sure to pick up steam in these parts if, in fact, the team does develop a preference for an offensive mind is Dallas' Jason Garret. Hence the picture. But we don't see that as likely. (Developing a preference, that is.)

So, discuss: offensive-minded or defensive-minded coach? My vote: irrelevant.