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NFL Divisional Playoffs: Cardinals at Saints Open Thread

New Orleans Saints (13-3) vs Arizona Cardinals (11-6)
Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA
4:30 PM ET, FOX Preview

After a rather boring weekend of Wild Card playoff games in the NFL, we got a doozy in the final stanza, when Arizona and Green Bay put up 96 combined points in a thrilling overtime toss-up that saw the Cardinals advance. It was, at least in my opinion, the only competitive game on the weekend. The NFL has rewarded us for our Wild Card patience by matching up Arizona, who dropped 51 last week, with the Saints, who tossed up more points (510, or 32 per game) than any team in the league this year.

If you like barn burners, this might turn out to be another explosive football game. I, personally, can't wait to see it kick off.

Just as we did last week, the authors of Buffalo Rumblings have made their divisional round game picks, and will do so all weekend. This is your open thread for today's Saints/Cardinals game. Have at it, and enjoy what could shape up to be a wildly entertaining football game.

krytime Brian Kurupt poz sireric Ron MARV MRW WA

For those of you interested, yes, this is a continuation of our picks series from the regular season. The standings are as follows after an exciting regular season and the first round of the playoffs:

#1: krytime (179-81)
#2: Brian Galliford (178-82)
#3: Kurupt (169-91)
#4: poz (166-94)
#4: sireric (166-94)
#6: Ron From NM (164-96)
#7: MARVelous (163-97)
#8: MattRichWarren (161-99)
#9: WABillsfan (151-109)