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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 1/20

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Experienced Gailey named Bills 15th head coach
"It may have caught Bills fans off guard, but Chan Gailey fits exactly what general manager Buddy Nix was looking for in a head coach all along. Hired as the 15th head coach in Bills history Tuesday, the 35-year coaching veteran has 15 years under his belt in the NFL including nine as a coordinator and head coach." Nice choice of adjective to being the headline, by the way.

Bills Focus: Exclusive Chan Gailey 1-on-1 (9:25) -
Chan Gailey sits down with Chris Brown and discusses why he should lead the Bills forward.

Buffalo Bills: Chan Gailey
Chan Gailey's official bio from Click "more" to get the list to expand.

Opinion Pieces
Bills look into the tea leaves and come up with ... Chan Gailey? - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

"None of this is to say that Gailey is, or will be, a bad coach. He's been around football forever, he obviously knows the game well, and he's got a very solid track record as an offensive coordinator, particularly when he's not always been blessed with great quarterbacks. That's a rare gift, and a reason for upstate New York optimism."

Bills Playing It Too Safe in Hiring Gailey -- NFL FanHouse
"In other words, Gailey is an extremely safe hire. He's unlikely to make the Bills worse than they've been under Dick Jauron. But there is also nothing in his history that suggests that he has what it takes to make the Bills better in a division that now has three very capable teams."

Gailey not sexy choice but logical | John Murphy |
"We’ve talked to a half-dozen NFL insiders over the last day or so about Chan Gailey. Former or current coaches, GMs, scouts. They say hiring Chan Gailey is a solid move – a logical move. They say he’s a good coach. That’s NFL people saying that. Not me. Not other reporters, bloggers, or opinion makers."

Chan Gailey's no Bill Cowher, but he might be answer for Buffalo Bills | Democrat and Chronicle
Leo Roth tackles the Chan Gailey hiring in good and bad lights.

Bills somehow managed to keep Gailey under radar |
Mike Florio thinks the Bills kept the pursuit of Chan Gailey under wraps so the media and fans had little time to cause a groundswell to derail their plans.

Why Chan Gailey Would Be a Good Hire for the Buffalo Bills - Arrowhead Pride
From the Chiefs blogger straight to you.

Buffalo Bills begin Chan Gailey era | Democrat and Chronicle
Sal Maiorana's even look at the coaching hire includes a complete history of Bills coaches and their W-L records.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - BULLDOG: Really?
Bulldog doesn't sound overly optimistic about Chan Gailey.

Finding QB is new Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey's top priority - ESPN
What are the five things Gailey must prioritize to turn things around? The QB situation, OL problems, getting Lee Evans the ball, beating 3-4 teams, and dealing with the fans says ESPN's John Clayton.

Chan Gailey's hiring by Bills is easy decision to knock - Peter King -
Peter King gives his thoughts on Chan Gailey saying "It's easy to knock the hiring", questioning why they didn't interview Mike Zimmer, discussing how conservative Gailey's offense was - in 1998, and rehashing what Jerry Jones said earlier this year about regretting only giving Gailey two years.

Gailey brings discipline to laid-back Bills - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"One of the biggest knocks against Dick Jauron is that he's too much of a player's coach, too lax with his policies, too trusting that his guys will take care of their business without much oversight. There will be a different atmosphere in the Buffalo Bills' locker room for 2010."

Phillips can thank Gailey for Jerry's patience - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"It appears that the Bills swung for the fences -- and then settled for a weak grounder to short. To label this an uninspiring hire is an injustice to the uninspiring men who preceded Gailey in Buffalo.... For any Bills fans who may stumble onto this blog, Gailey is a remarkably nice man. He has no business being a head coach in this league, but I can pretty much assure you that he won't be accused of striking an assistant coach at any point in the near future. "

Video: Disappointing hire for Bills - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"ESPN's Tedy Bruschi doesn't think that the hiring of Chan Gailey is worrying anyone in the AFC East."

Podcast: Mike and Mike on Gailey hire - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic discuss the news that Chan Gailey will take over as coach of the Buffalo Bills."

Gailey Steps Into a Tough Job in Buffalo - Ed Kilgore -
"Chan Gailey wasn't a popular choice for sure, but as I see it, the Bills were actually quite fortunate to be able to land a coach of his experience and other successes at various levels."

Take 2: Gailey the Right Man? -
Adam Benigni says for the first time in a long time the Bills all seem to be on the same page from Ralph Wilson to Russ Brandon to Buddy Nix to Chan Gailey. Maybe this will be the beginning of something good.

Like it or not Bills say Yes We Chan |
WIVB gets my "Best Headline" award for their tag for today's coaching hire - "YES WE CHAN". They even have a nice picture in the faded and blurry red, white, and blue.

Gailey talks the talk: a familiar refrain : Jerry Sullivan : The Buffalo News
"OK, it was a long, confounding process, and people threw some wild stuff out there. But 20 percent truth? That's an outlandish claim, even if Nix includes every Joe Sixpack who sat at the bar and claimed he saw Bill Cowher buying gas at Noco. It was a kick in the teeth of the NFL media, most of whom are hard-working, credible people."

BillBoard: Ralph, Russ are no-shows
"Maybe Wilson and Brandon chose to stay in the background so Gailey and General Manager Buddy Nix, could share the spotlight. Or maybe Wilson and Brandon didn't attend to let everyone know Gailey's hiring was Nix's call. By staying away, Wilson and Brandon made it clear that Nix will take the credit if Gailey succeeds and the blame if Gailey flops."

With Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills get offensive-minded coach | Democrat and Chronicle
"Maybe Gailey thinks he can resurrect Edwards' career. Maybe he thinks Fitzpatrick could be a decent starter with more help up front. Maybe he thinks Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen would be a worthy No. 9 overall pick in the 2010 draft — if one of them still is available. Maybe he'd prefer to select a lineman or linebacker with the top pick and consider Tim Tebow as a second-round pick."

Ex-Cowboys coach Gailey may end up being good fit for Bills | Rick Gosselin | Dallas Morning News
"Smirk if you will, but Gailey may turn out to be an ideal hire for the Bills. So go ahead and smirk at the hiring of Gailey. There were smirks when the Bills hired Marv Levy, too."

NFL Notebook: Bills’ hiring of Gailey reeks of damage control |
"The Gailey hiring came completely out of left field, leading me to believe the Bills were simply afraid of further rejection, so they opted to take the not-so-hot option to the prom, rather than tread along stag any longer."

Chan Gailey? -
"Sorry, Bills. Haslett was a better choice than Gailey. And he wanted to live in the Buffalo area. He loved it when he played there. He's a blue-collar guy from Pittsburgh, the kind Bills fans could identify with. But Haslett can be forceful. He can rock the boat."

Scott Pitoniak: Gailey's hiring by the Bills a surprise, but not necessarily a pleasant one
"As this search stumbled on and candidate after candidate after candidate said thanks but no thanks, it became painfully obvious that the Bills would have to settle for an underwhelming choice as their new head coach. And that’s clearly what’s happened with the naming of NFL retread Chan Gailey as the 15th coach in franchise history Tuesday afternoon."

Diner morning news: Bills take ‘Raider-ish’ route | National Football Post
"I don’t understand the Bills’ logic in hiring Chan Gailey as their new head coach. It has an almost "Raider-ish" feel to it, believing that fixing one side of the ball will fix their current losing streak. Gailey was almost hired last year by Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli to be the head coach, but because Pioli didn’t think he could sell Gailey to the media or the Kansas City fan base as the man to rebuild the team’s fortunes, he passed, opting to keep him as offensive coordinator."

Gailey's resume
Don't fret Bills fans, Chan Gailey's resume speaks for itself - Mike Florio - NFL - Sporting News
Until last year every Chan Gailey-coached team had been to the postseason 14 straight years including the NFL and college. He also says that Gailey was an A list candidate recently.

Other teams coveted Gailey in ‘09 – Inside The Bills
"We covered the entire gamut and we did that because I wanted to be satisified that we had looked at all of the possible candidates that we could," said Nix. "I told you also I wasn’t going to let outside forces make me go faster than I wanted to, make me do something that would be popular at the time and I was able to do that."

Chan Gailey coaching career : Photo Galleries : The Buffalo News
A photo gallery showcasing pictures of Gailey's various coaching stops.

Chan Gailey: A Closer Look | Democrat and Chronicle
WGRZ provided this bullet-point rundown of Gailey's life and career to the D&C.

Gailey ready to hit the ground running : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
"The Buffalo Bills have ranked in the bottom eight of the NFL on offense for seven consecutive seasons, finishing 30th in 2009. Is it any wonder Bills General Manager Buddy Nix wanted an offensive mind as the team's new head coach? Nix believes he found that guy in Chan Gailey, who brings a wealth of experience as an offensive guru in the NFL."

New Bills coach Gailey believed he would get another chance : The Buffalo News
"Chan Gailey’s hopes of becoming an NFL head coach again looked as if they crashed last summer when he was fired as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator. But even during his first season out of coaching in more than three decades, Gailey kept believing."

Bills give Gailey chance to fit in - The Globe and Mail
"The 58-year-old said it took some time to get past the bitterness of his dismissal in Kansas City to decide he wanted to coach again. But by last October, there was no doubt."

BillBoard: 4-3 vs. 3-4
Gailey has consistently run a 4-3 as head coach but claimed he'd be open to the idea of instituting a 3-4 defense. Allen Wilson explains the benefits and the drawbacks of such a move.

New Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey says he expects to win | Democrat and Chronicle
"There are two types of coaches — those who hope to win and those who expect to win," Gailey said. "And I've been around enough winning programs and enough winning organizations that when I walk on the field I expect to win. I don't just hope to win, I expect to win."

Press Conference Bits
Chan Gailey Press Conference -

See the full press conference as Chan the man is named Bills head coach.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - WHITE: Chan Gailey - Before, During, and After
Jeremy White live blogged the press conference and his thoughts are very, very informative.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Immediate Reactions: Gailey Press Conference
"Here’s the thing for all of us remarkably underwhelmed fans to keep in mind: the guy is going to pound the ball, which means he’d like a nice left tackle, but he’ll also take shots if he has the weapons. He had rushing and receiving weapons at Georgia Tech – Calvin Johnson and Tashard Choice among them – and worked it out, except for beating Georgia (which is really, really hard)."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Chan Gailey Press Conference Transcript
Here is the text of the entire press conference introducing Chan Gailey.

Chan Gailey Introduced -
Photos from the Press Conference.

You had lots of Qs, Bills had some As - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Bills fans gave Tim Graham questions to ask at the presser and he gives the responses to those questions.

Welcome to Weird-ville, Chan - Extra Points -
"You should've seen the press conference that Gailey and Bills GM Buddy Nix just held to introduce the new head coach. Calling it adversarial would be like calling Gettysburg a dust-up."

Buddy Nix
Nix addresses inaccurate reports – Inside The Bills

"I’d say, probably, given the benefit of the doubt, 20 percent of the things that were reported had some truth to it," Nix said. "About 80 percent was complete fabrication and was amusing, really, and it made some good stories." Nix specifically refuted the claim that John Harbuagh was offered the job.

BillBoard: Buddy on Raiders
Nix: "Trust me, it’s a good job. Don’t ever think you can’t fill coaching jobs, even if they’re bad. Oakland gets a lot of calls. Don’t say I said that."

Bills GM Nix defends Gailey hire - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix got ornery while defending the club's search for a head coach and the decision to hire Chan Gailey. At Tuesday afternoon's introductory news conference, Nix explained how Gailey fit the criteria: head coaching experience, an offensive mind with a track record of developing quarterbacks and character."

Niagara Gazette - TIM'S TAKES: Nix, not Gailey, the one to worry about
"'I was given the responsibility,' Nix led off, 'didn’t necessarily ask for it, to conduct a search for a new head football coach.' And there it was. For the second time in as many press conferences, Nix reminded us that this all-important post had sought him out rather than the other way around."

Team Reports | NFL at
"The head coach there is no school for it, there is no internship," said Nix. "I don't care how long you've been an assistant, the day you become a head coach you start learning how to be one and before that you don't know. There's no preparation. It's good that you've coached, you know football, but the head coach is different."

Player, coach, and fan reactions
Wannstedt on Gailey – Inside The Bills

"I’ve known Chan Gailey for a very long time and he ranks among the finest people and professionals I’ve ever worked with," said Dave Wannstedt. "He is a first-class individual who knows how to achieve success at the highest levels. Chan’s intelligence, experience and exceptional knowledge of the game will be major assets for the Buffalo Bills."

Cowher, Reeves call Gailey right fit -
"Bill Cowher and Dan Reeves have also enjoyed some of that success with a valuable coordinator on their sideline in Chan Gailey. Now the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Cowher and Reeves were praising the hiring decision of owner Ralph Wilson and GM Buddy Nix."

Cowher speaks about Chan Gailey : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Bill Cowher speaks about his old colleague, Chan Gailey, and why the Bills should be glad they hired him.

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Thomas dishes on Gailey
Thurman Thomas played for Chan Gailey during his one year in Miami. He gives his thoughts on the new head coach to WGR.

Register at your Bills polling station - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"In honor of the Buffalo Bills hiring longtime NFL offensive coordinator Chan Gailey as their next head coach, SportsNation has put together a page of polls about the state of the franchise. "

Local fans give opinions on Gailey |
Al Vaughters spoke with several Bills fans, including Buffalo Sports Daily's Pat Moran, about Chan Gailey.

Bills players optimistic about Gailey |
Jon Corto and Lee Evans are on board with the move. Hear what they have to say.

Players on both sides of ball approve Bills' hire : The Buffalo News
Lee Evans, Marcus Stroud, and Geoff Hangartner give their initial takes on their new coach and Jerome Bettis, Dan Reeves and Bill Cowher share their experiences with Gailey as well.

New Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey not fazed by public opinion | Democrat and Chronicle
"When made aware by reporters during his introductory press conference at One Bills Drive that he wasn't high on the fans' wish list, Gailey gave that a moment's thought and then provided an answer that might soothe some of the naysayers, at least for now. 'I can't say anything to change anybody's mind,' he said. 'All I can do is go try to help us win football games. If we win football games, everybody's mind will be changed, right?'"

Fans react to hiring of Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey | Democrat and Chronicle
Five fans comment on the hiring of new coach.

Buffalo Bills Fans React To Hiring Of Chan Gailey As Coach |
Some Bills fans reacted with dusmay while others are taking a wait and see approach.

WNYers arent really gaga for Gailey |
"It's safe to say fans aren't exactly cheering for new head coach Chan Gailey."

Bills hiring excites fans in all the wrong ways - National Post (Canada)
"But after the Buffalo Bills officially hired Chan Gailey as their new head coach yesterday, the Web site of The Buffalo News was the place to go. The story on Gailey was fine. The comments attached to the story were a bubbling cauldron of hopelessness, black humour and rage."

Twitter / Ross Tucker

My Sirius pal Jim Miller loves him but to me Gailey is offensive version of Jauron. Why not keep Jauron, hire Gailey as OC, and save money?

Twitter / drayton florence
I just hope we can get 2 good cordinators 2 put us n favorable positions at the end of the day the coaches never put on a uniform they coach

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
Just talked to Coach Gailey, he's already got his coaching staff together. I cldnt get anything out of him. I have a meetin wit Buddy nx wk

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
"If I took any job in the NFL, I would have made Chan Gailey my OC" Do you know who said that....... Cowher,just read that text on a phone

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
RT @pthomas3434: Hey! For every1 who wanted a BIG SPLASH, remember a big splash is quite often a belly flop, bills fans rally!

Twitter / drayton florence
Bills will be off the chan this year

Twitter / Donte Whitner
Ted bruschi I respect you're opinion and u were a great player in the nfl but we are not the oakland raiders of the east coast! Thanx

Twitter / Aaron Maybin
Congratulations to My New Head Coach Chan Gailey on getting the job today. Excited to see what new defensive scheme he implements for us

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
RT @homeslice5484: @thurmanthomas I don't hope to win, Everytime I walk on that field I EXPECT TO WIN! Quote of the day!

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell
Chan Gailey: Let's go 2 work baby. More 2 come @ 1 Bills Dr. Who's our DC? Our HC is an Off. mind. Now we need a DC who bleeds violence!

Twitter / drayton florence
i like the swag chan has already also like how buddy handels the media sometimes they can ask dumb questions sometimes there cool

Twitter / drayton florence
chan is the new leader of the bills if im lucky enuff to be there next year I will be" off the chan" again in2010

Not about Chan Gailey
Butler rebuilding more than his knee -

"Now about four months removed the time of the injury Butler is making strides not only with his rehab, but in re-establishing some chemistry on the offensive line."

Marty Schottenheimer wanted Bills gig - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
"Contrary to the diplomatic comments he made on his radio show, Marty Schottenheimer actually did want the Buffalo Bills head-coaching job. Badly."

Sports, Ink: This Day in Buffalo Sports History: Not yet
In 1950, Buffalo's AAFC team was denied entry into the NFL as two leagues merged.