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AFC Championship: Jets at Colts Open Thread

Indianapolis Colts (15-2) vs New York Jets (11-7)
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
3:00 PM ET, CBS preview

The 2009 NFL playoffs have been, to this point, overwhelmingly boring. Eight games in, we've only seen two games that I'd consider entertaining - one each weekend - with 10-points-or-higher blowouts everywhere else.

The good news is that today's AFC Championship Game features a team - the New York Jets - that has been involved in one of those games. Last week, they upset the two-seed Chargers in San Diego, 17-14, to make a surprise appearance in today's game. They take on a Colts team that they dominated in Week 16, but let's face facts - our own Bills dominated that same Colts team the following week. Week 16 means absolutely nothing.

This is your open thread for the AFC Championship Game. Enjoy it, pray for a competitive game (or a beat-down of Rex Ryan's ball club, whichever you prefer), and stay classy. We'll have another post up for the NFC Championship Game later this afternoon.

krytime Brian Kurupt poz sireric Ron MARV MRW WA

For those of you interested, yes, this is a continuation of our picks series from the regular season. The standings are as follows after an exciting regular season and two rounds of not-very-exciting playoff action:

#1: krytime (181-83)
#2: Brian Galliford (180-84)
#3: Kurupt (170-94)
#4: poz (168-96)
#4: sireric (168-96)
#6: Ron From NM (167-97)
#7: MARVelous (164-100)
#7: MattRichWarren (164-100)
#9: WABillsfan (153-111)