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Cowher in Buffalo rumors again pick up steam

UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter is refuting this report via Twitter:

Bill Cowher not in Buffalo today. He was, according to source, "walking his dog" this morning. Cowher still unlikely to coach in 2010.

Of course,'s Jason La Canfora is disputing Schefter's report on Cowher's willingness to coach in 2010, too. End Update

I guess since picked this up, it's time to mention it here. Even though we really didn't want to bring it up.

Joe Logan, reporting at, wrote early Monday morning that former Pittsburgh head coach Bill Cowher was expected in Buffalo today, Tuesday, to meet with the Bills about their vacant head coaching position.

As Mike Florio notes, the report merits at least a closer look, given that Logan also reported that Buffalo's entire coaching staff would be fired - about five hours before we got the word from Jay Glazer, if that time stamp is to be believed.

This report directly contradicts word from ESPN's Adam Schefter that Cowher is unlikely to return to coaching in 2010. It is, to this point, the only report that exists claiming that Cowher and the Bills will hold a second meeting. ESPN reported over the weekend that the two sides had a "stealth" meeting last week, in which Bills brass attempted to gauge Cowher's interest in the job.

So there. Now it's here for you to talk about. It's certainly intriguing, but we caution you to keep the lid on your excitement - with proper respect to Mr. Logan, this is the first we've heard of him and his website. Take it however you wish, but until we hear more reliable sources confirm or deny this report, color us skeptical.