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Bills, Jaguars top list of potential L.A. relocaters

The Associated Press is reporting that Majestic Realty Co., the entity behind a renewed bid to bring NFL football back to Los Angeles in a spiffy new stadium, is targeting the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars as the two franchises they'd like to see move to LA.

Citing small markets and dim prospects at securing bigger stadiums in their current locations, Buffalo and Jacksonville top a list of seven NFL teams that have piqued the LA developers' interests. The two franchises also get "priority" because other franchises on their list, including San Francisco, San Diego and Minnesota, are currently exploring stadium plans of their own.

While Buffalo's future in Western New York is perpetually in doubt simply because team owner Ralph Wilson is 91 years old, this report is certain to stir up old fears when, in reality, little has changed. Buffalo will always be a target for potential relocation so long as Wilson owns the team; he hasn't moved the team in 50 years, and it's unlikely that he'll even consider the possibility.

Ed Roski is Majestic's chief executive, and as Tim Graham's coverage of the AP report suggests, Roski would rather lead a team of investors to bring football to LA, rather than buy a team himself. Former Bills quarterback and NFL Hall of Fame member Jim Kelly has repeatedly hinted in recent seasons that he, too, has put together a team of investors to keep the Bills in Buffalo once Wilson passes.

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