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Bills WR Johnson Fined $10,000 For TD Celebration

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FOX's Jay Glazer is reporting that the NFL has fined Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson $10,000 for a personal foul penalty he picked up in last Sunday's loss to New England.

Johnson was flagged in the fourth quarter after scoring on a 37-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. After completing the play, cutting New England's lead to 38-30, Johnson mimed a shotgun blast into the air, falling to the ground in the act. This was meant to mimic the minutemen that reside in the Gillette Stadium end zone and fire shotgun blasts after each Pats touchdown.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey gave Johnson a stern reprimand on the sidelines after the refs ticked off 15 yards, but it's fair to say that the NFL's reprimand is slightly harsher. Johnson expressed remorse for the celebration after the game, saying "It was stupid of me. I got caught up in the moment. I ended up costing the team some yards. Coach talked to me when I came off and said I got to be way smarter than that."