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Ralph Wilson: Drafting QB Is Bills' Top Priority

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson spoke with John Wawrow of The Associated Press on Monday, disclosing three things in the process: he thinks his football team is bad; he think it'll take three years to rebuild a talent-depleted roster; and he calls drafting a quarterback the team's top priority entering the 2011 NFL Draft.

To cap off the imagery, Wilson told Wawrow that GM Buddy Nix would be taking advantage of the team's bye week to hit the road for two weeks, scouting the team's top-rated quarterback prospects.

Before you get your knickers in a twist - or in a tent, as the case may be - keep in mind that the offensive line was the team's top priority entering the 2010 NFL Draft. Fifth-round pick Ed Wang has yet to be active for a game, preseason or regular season, and Kyle Calloway was cut in August. What the team prioritizes doesn't mean squat now, and it doesn't mean squat in April, on what the team will actually do when the picks start flying. Take heart that the organization knows it needs a franchise signal-caller, but don't expect that to happen. That's not how Buddy Nix operates.

With all of that said: if you're reading, Andrew Luck... a Stanford degree is totally overrated. Just ask Chuck Bartowski.