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Does Chan Gailey Have A Shot At Being Fired?

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Matt linked to this article in this morning's version of Web Rumblings, but I thought it deserved a post and discussion of its own.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post threw up a post containing the names of ten NFL head coaches, and the odds that each coach would be the first coach to be fired this season, with the listing being provided by Not just fired, period - the first to be fired.

Carolina's John Fox, widely considered a lame duck for much longer than this season, is atop the list, facing 5-2 odds. Tied for second? Inexplicably, it's Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey, who along with Dallas' Wade Phillips apparently faces 3-1 odds of being the first head coach to be fired.

Can we just talk for a few minutes about how ridiculous that is?

The only way Chan Gailey is fired is if Buddy Nix is fired - and as team owner Ralph Wilson preached patience and confidence in Nix's plan just two days ago, it seems monumentally unlikely that Wilson even considers the idea of firing his GM. Nix, meanwhile, has repeatedly and forcefully expressed great confidence in his hand-picked head coach. Gailey is five games into what the owner himself has called a three-year re-building plan. Do oddsmakers even pay attention anymore?

Maybe it's just me, though, that thinks these odds are laughable, and have less than zero basis in reality. Maybe I'm not factoring a potential 0-16 finish into the equation; in that still-unlikely event, it might be tough for the team to sell Gailey to the fan base for another season. Is there anyone out there who thinks there's even a shred of a chance that Gailey gets the boot this season? How about the 3-1 odds that he's the first to go?