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Kyle Williams, Corey McIntyre Earn Week 5 Praise

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If you don't read, you should. They provide solid, insightful analysis on the NFL from a personnel standpoint each and every week. This week, in pumping out their "All-PFF Team" for Week 5, they gave shout-outs to two key Buffalo Bills performers.

Kyle Williams got some PFF love this week for his performance against Jacksonville, even while the defense was surrendering over 200 rushing yards for the third straight week. Playing in a four-man front as the base defense for the first time all season, Williams was praised for his efforts against the run. (Note that most of Jacksonville's long gains were to the outside, or on cut-backs.)

Also making the team this week is starting fullback Corey McIntyre. PFF seems to really like the combination of McIntyre lead blocking for Fred Jackson, and with good reason; Jackson averaged 6.1 yards per rush against Jacksonville with McIntyre helping to open running lanes in front of him. For the record, they're seeing the same thing we are, noting that they'd like to see more of McIntyre on the field, as the Bills still aren't running the ball as much as we'd like them to.

Pro Football Focus places players on their weekly All-PFF teams based on which players graded out highest at their positions during a given week. Just a little spot of sunshine in an otherwise dreary start to the Bills' season.