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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 10/16

We're going to try something more interactive with Web Rumblings today. I went to the Buffalo Bills official website and clipped articles like I normally do. I did not go to the dozen or more other websites I usually hit thanks to the interview you're going to see later today. Your task is to post links in the comments section. Don't include the whole article, just a quote or description. I promise to be back to normal tomorrow.

Inside The Bills | Fan Friday 10-15 "
Chris Brown answers questions on Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey, the scouting staff, compensatory picks, Lynch's conditional pick, and the defense's struggles.

Kelly's Call: Players only meetings have their place -
"Hearing that the Bills called a players only meeting earlier this week was a good thing. You just want to make sure it’s a productive meeting that gets your objectives accomplished. You want to come out of a meeting like that knowing you got something out of it."

"What's the Word" with George Wilson (3:00) -
This week George takes on the role of fashion model as he poses for the merchandise catalog.

Inside The Bills | Lessons of the bye week "
"We just have to learn from the mistakes that we made and just continue to work," said C.J. Spiller. "That’s the only thing you can do. You can’t get down."

Inside The Bills | Fred to see more touches? "
"You do a big study of the things that we’re doing well," Fitzpatrick said. "Obviously, from this last game, what we can take out of it is the way Fred ran the ball and the way they blocked for him. That’s something that’s going to be big for us and continuing to find ways to feed him the ball."

Now it's your turn. See you in the comments section.