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Bills vs. Ravens: Haloti Ngata, Michael Oher Drive Bills Fans Crazy

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File this one under, "Let's just rip this band-aid off quickly and move on with our week." You can also file it under, "Brian is definitely delusional if he thinks this will ever go away."

With the 0-5 Buffalo Bills set to take on the 4-2 Baltimore Ravens this weekend, many Bills fans will be quick to drag up tired, overused and still agonizingly true observations about four players on these two teams - two Bills and two Ravens.

One of this fan base's go-to lines when discussing Buffalo's draft foibles of the past few seasons is to openly wonder why the Bills passed on Haloti Ngata to select strong safety Donte Whitner. Ngata, a 6'4", 335-pound, fifth-year defensive tackle out of Oregon, is well on his way to his second consecutive Pro Bowl berth, having already set a career high with four sacks through six games this season. While Ngata enjoys by far his best season as a pro, Whitner - who, by the way, might also be enjoying his best season as a pro, at least statistically - leads Buffalo's 28th-ranked defense with 46 tackles, just ten more than Ngata has.

And while most fans reference Brian Orakpo as "that player we should have drafted instead of Aaron Maybin," there are more than a few fans that also bring up Michael Oher's name while complaining about Maybin's lack of impact. Oher emerged as an instant starter for a Ravens team that advanced to the divisional playoffs a year ago, and is now playing left tackle blocking for quarterback Joe Flacco. You don't need me to tell you what Maybin has accomplished to date in his pro career.

Ah, what could have been. Rip that band-aid off, folks, and get this rant over with. Until Sunday, at least.