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NFL Trade Deadline: Should The Bills Be Sellers?

The NFL trade deadline is today at 4PM, so if there are any NFL teams out there looking to make last-minute tweaks to their rosters via trade, today's the day it needs to be done. Though there haven't been any trade rumors surrounding the Buffalo Bills since Marshawn Lynch was sent to Seattle, it's at least possible - though probably not likely - that the Bills get some serious interest in a player or two today.

Yesterday, I penned a piece for about five teams currently in playoff contention that could stand to make trade deadline upgrades. Of those five teams, I believe that veteran Bills players could help four of them - though the odds of any of these deals being completed are quite low.

I listed the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams as teams that could use help at wide receiver, and many Bills fans have expressed a desire to try to get trade value for veteran Lee Evans. I know at least a few fans over at Arrowhead Pride were all for the idea of acquiring Evans, but it's hard to conceive of a likely scenario in which Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey would be comfortable parting with their only explosive receiving threat.

The Indianapolis Colts, as usual, could use some help shoring up their run defense. Marcus Stroud seems out of place in Buffalo's 3-4 and is in the way of younger players (like Alex Carrington), but his hefty contract, age and deteriorating ability make that trade scenario more of a pipe dream. Finally, I listed the Houston Texans as a team in desperate need of help in the secondary, but with Bryan Scott spending most of his time at linebacker, the Bills, in reality, don't have the depth at strong safety to deal Donte Whitner.

As unlikely as a trade might be today, Chan Gailey did not close the door to a potential Bills trade yesterday. If you were Buddy Nix, which Bills player (just pick one) would you be trying to deal, and why?