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Bills vs. Ravens: Can Bills Finally Find A Pass Rush?

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In covering Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots for, I tried to keep an eye on some of the things the Ravens did and didn't do well in anticipation of this weekend's Buffalo Bills game. Just like Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 3 - minus the two interceptions, of course - I thought Joe Flacco picked New England's secondary apart with ease, particularly early in the game.

I did note, however, that Baltimore - whose offensive line played very well, for the most part - did spring leaks in pass protection from time to time. Michael Oher, in particular, had a rough outing, committing three penalties and allowing a few pressures and a sack, mostly at the hands of rookie outside linebacker Jermaine Cunningham.

Taking the season in whole, Baltimore has protected Flacco relatively well. Entering the Pats game, he'd been sacked five times in five games - and the three sacks New England got weren't of the painful, hard-to-watch variety that, say, a Bills allowed sack is, when a QB has no prayer to even throw the ball away. Oher was the weak link in Week 6, but by and large has had a pretty solid 2010 season playing left tackle.

There very well could be opportunities for the Bills to get some heat on Flacco - but given their porous run defense and tendency to get themselves into deep holes, those opportunities will likely come very early in the game. Buffalo, which has just six sacks on the season (five from players still with the team), needs to find a way to get some pressure to force the turnovers that came with absurd ease in 2009. Oher, who struggled mostly with Cunningham's speed, will likely be tested first and foremost by rookie outside linebackers Arthur Moats (if he plays) and Antonio Coleman.