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Four Key Bills Defenders In Final Year Of Contract

This post may feel more like an off-season discussion, but hey - I'm fresh out of interesting takes on the winless Buffalo Bills. And if the team can hand Chris Kelsay a fat contract extension during the regular season, then we can most definitely talk contracts today.

The Bills don't have a lot of high-profile players playing in the final year of their respective deals, but there are a few names out there that could garner serious interest on the open market next March. We're just curious which of these four players y'all believe is most worthy of getting a contract extension from the Bills.

Paul Posluszny: If he can stay healthy, is well on his way to a third straight season with over 100 tackles. Health is clearly a big issue, as through four pro seasons, Poz has only played 16 full games once.

Drayton Florence: Has not made Bills fans forget Jabari Greer, but had a solid 2009 season and is Buffalo's most reliable DB aside from Terrence McGee. Not a playmaker, but a steady performer.

Donte Whitner: Is on the field more than any other Bills defender, which helps explain his team-leading 46 tackles. In his fifth year, has never emerged as the elite safety he was expected to be, but is a solid player without a lot of help in front of him.

George Wilson: Has emerged as a team leader, and along with Corey McIntyre is a critical player to Buffalo's special teams units. He's also proven that he can be counted upon when he gets playing time defensively.